SITEMAP   This is a visual representation of the pages that make up your website, showing how they link to one another. This helps us develop and plan the pages you require, as well as how to get your clients to the content they are looking for in the least number of clicks.

WIREFRAMES   This is the blueprint of your site - the bare-bones scaffolding around which the rest of the site content is constructed. In the wireframe phase, we can move things around and make sure all your content is exactly where it needs to be before full development and design begins.

RESPONSIVE DESIGNS   We will design your site for desktop and mobile formats. Depending on your product, service and target market, desktop is usually designed first. Once this layout is signed off, we customise for mobile. Please note that, because of the limitations of the mobile format, there is always some site functionality loss, with priority given to simplicity and quick loading time - both important aspects of the mobile site user experience.

PROTOTYPES   In the site prototype we make your 2-D site designs act like a working website, with pages arranged and linking through as they will be in the final version of your site. This will give you a good idea of how your site will look on desktop and mobile, and also allows you a chance to check your design work, whether button sizes are adequate, and so on.

ASSETS   Once your site is final we need to export all your hard assets (such as logos and icons) for development. If we are designing an app, all your assets will be supplied at x1, x2 and x3, with the correct naming protocols.

WEBSITE POPULATION  After your website has been built, it is still only a contentless shell of the full site - a bare framework that can execute specific functions. The next step is to populate your site with content. Depending on the nature of your site, site population entails making your site look exactly like your site designs when it goes live. If your site has a lot of database pages, you may be charged extra per page for this service.

IMAGE CORRECTION (PHOTOSHOPPING)   You website fee includes limited image correction. We’ll make sure all your photos look as good as we can get them, file size and format permitting. We cannot work with images below a certain pixel density or width (usually 1600px wide). Please check with us. If an image has been cropped tightly and there is not enough space around the content, we cannot “make more photo”. Correcting over-cropping and other extensive changes to images is called image retouching, and is charged as a separate fee (see below).

CMS (CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) TRAINING.   If your site has been built and set up so that you can manage it yourself going forward, (common for clients with things like online shops, blogs or portfolios, where frequent updating is required), we will provide 1 hour of skype training on how to use your content management system. We will record this training and send it through to you afterwards to keep forever and ever, amen and you’re welcome. If you accidentally break anything on your site that was working before you got to it, you will be charged a fee to fix it.


SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION)  Search engine optimisation (SEO) entails adding relevant keywords and descriptions to your site to make sure that it ranks well on Google when people are searching for things in your field.

As simple as it sounds, this is an important specialised service that requires market and keyword research and adequate attention. We offer this as an extra.

Please note: if you choose not to purchase the SEO add-on when building your site with us, we will not spend a single minute on keywords during the build process. Harsh, but true. Your site will go live without optimisation, and fall like a stone into the dark, cold abyss of the indifferent internet, never to be seen again. You should purchase this add-on. You really should.

ALT TAGS ON IMAGES   Google reads the tags on your images to identify what is in them. This not only helps with your Google ranking, but also assists visually impaired users browsing your site, as their browser can read out the descriptions of what is in each image. Despite the fact that it’s great for everyone, implementing alt tags on large sites is a mammoth task requiring a huge amount of time to execute. We are happy to do this for you at an additional cost.  We will, however, try to do as much alt tagging of primary static images as we can during the site setup process, whether or not you have purchase this add-on, but this will be limited.

COPYWRITING   Writing is a specialised skill that we offer at an extra cost. While  many clients feel that their English writing skills are strong enough to write their websites themselves, professional copy makes a big difference to the quality of your site. We strongly recommend that you either purchase this add-on, or employ a professional to make sure your content and messaging are as strong as they can be, correctly prioritised, concise and clear.
If you are supplying your own copy, please make sure that it has been thoroughly proofread. We only copy and paste, and cannot be held accountable for any copy mistakes on your site. Copy is to be supplied in a Word document. Please note that any copy changes made after design has started will be charged for, because they impact design layout and re-formatting new copy takes time.

IMAGE RETOUCHING  Removing things, adding things, beautifying, correcting over-cropping, adding little hats onto things. Image retouching takes time and, depending on what you need, can be done at an additional cost per image.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS IMPLEMENTATION   This is seen as an extra and is usually linked to your personal mail, so it’s often much easier if you set it up yourself. Find out how HERE


ALL IMAGES  Supplied no smaller than 1600px wide.

COPY   All the copy for your site. If you don’t have that right now, you will have a better idea what copy you need after we are finished with the wireframes.


SHOP OFFERING  What products will you have? What sizes, colours, do they come in? What are the product details for each one?